Yast Network settings won't open

I am trying to configure network settings as I am not able to connect via WiFi, but Network settings module in Yast won’t open. When I click on the “Network settings” icon, it says “Starting configuration module “Network settings”…” at the status bar, but nothing happens.

What could I do



Please show us your repos:

zypper lr -d

Your opening YaST may be caught somehow on prompting you for your root password…

Try this to avoid that prompt,

  1. Open a console/terminal, can be any. Some choices are Xterm, Konsole, LXterminal, Qterminal, etc.
  2. Elevate your permissions by typing the following and providing your root password when prompted
  1. If you are using any console/terminal except for Xterm, you should now be looking at a prompt in red letters (openSUSE color codes your terminal)
  2. Type the following which should open YaST in graphical mode

The above procedure is actually my preferred way to open YaST, if I close Yast I can still re-open YaST from the same terminal without having to type the password again.