YAST failure only under kde, not gnome

I’m a new user just having installed 11.0. Everything is working well so far with one exception:

YAST will not load/execute under KDE4. Under Gnome, everything works as expected, but trying to invoke YAST under KDE4 fails. The application shows up on the task bar for a few moments, asks for root password, then acts like it’s loading, just to go away with no completion.

Is there an error log or something where I can look for this problem? If I log out of my KDE session, and log back in under Gnome, YAST invokes and runs just as expected.

Any feedback will be appreciated, as I’m a real beginner at Linux. Thanks in advance!

SUSE 11.0 and kde4. I’m not surprised it’s flaky.

Open a terminal and type:

/usr/bin/xdg-su -c /sbin/yast2

see if that starts it, and if any errors display in the terminal

When invoked as you recommended, the terminal screen says:

QT GUI wanted, not found, falling back to GTK

or something close to that, then YAST ncurses text-mode does start and work correctly. The library in question is already installed on the system however… could this be a memory-management failure? I only have 512Mb ram on the laptop in question.

Otherwise, how do I go about resolving the conflict?


You may need to install yast2-qt and yast2-control-center-qt.

JJMT, you were right on the money. I don’t know why these modules weren’t picked up automatically during “dependencies” checking, but they were missing. Installed and everything is running fine under KDE now.

Thanks very much for the help!