Yast configuration for dhcpv6 on opensuse 12.1

I want to set up a dhcp server for a mixed ipv4/ipv6. The yast GUI for dhcp only seems to support ipv4. Is this true or am I missing something blindingly obvious?

I don’t particularly want to spend time fiddling with config files. If yast can’t help, can anybody suggest a suitable UI?


So this is nothing I have tried to do, but if I might point you to a couple of good links on the subject: SDB:Native IPv6 - openSUSE AND Chapter 12 DHCP

Perhaps these will prove useful to you in your endeavor? Good Luck.

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Thanks for the links but I’ve already had a look at them. The first link tells me how to access a DHCPv6 server, which would be good, except that I’m trying to set such a server up. The second link only talks about IPv4 and is the reason I’m asking about tools for IPv6.

And how about these links: Linux IPv6 HowTo Guide - Dynamic Host Configuration v6 Server (dhcp6s) AND ISC Dynamic Host Configuration Server (dhcpd)

Consider that there may not be a tutorial exactly on setting up openSUSE as a IPV6 DHCP server and that you may need to piece together bits and pieces from other articles. Once you get it working YOU can be the one to write that article for the rest of us to see.

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