yast asks for media when downloading new apps

Why does yast always ask me to insert the opensuse 11 dvd when I download new apps from repositories? I have all my repositories setup for http and they all look ok. After I insert the dvd it downloads and installs them with no problem but its anoying that I have to get out the dvd and put it in the drive everytime.

  • jaybott,

did you disable the DVD in the repository list?


If you go into YaST and select Software Repositories. When it loads, simply select the DVD source in the list and deselect the enabled option at the bottom.

Another option you can use it ripping the DVD to a local ISO (or use the one you burned prior to install). If you open up K3B, you can select the copy DVD option and select the option to create image only (otherwise it will want to burn a copy to blank media). Once you have the ISO file, put it in a safe place (ie not /tmp).

Now, go back into YaST → Software Repositories and add a new source of type “Local ISO Image…” This will allow the system to still use the installation DVD, but you don’t need to put it in the system.

what a good idea