[ xxxxx, xxxxx] sdx: sdx1

Hi All,
on opensuse 13.2 text console

I keep getting this xxxxx, xxxxx] sdx: sdx1 for all unmounted disks
gos away if mounted

how do I do turn this off?

Thank You,

How about some context. You get this when you do ???

Unmounted disks are, well unmounted. They do not exist as part of the file system

when at text console, the prints this out every few seconds
for ex: 8239, 823838] sdb: sdb1

sdb1 is unmounted


Ok again more detail please. “text console” is pretty redundant. Is this a desktop command line console (which?) like konsole or are you in a terminal mode and if so there are many terminals active so which one. Is perhaps sdb a removable drive?? Something else like a phone or other device?