XsnoW anyone?

Seems this application has be revived… I updated it to 3.3.3 and available in the X11:Utilities (https://build.opensuse.org/package/show/X11:Utilities/xsnowrepository)) repository. I have tested on both Wayland and X11 and is working…



Enjoy :slight_smile:


There used to be a winter intro when you install opensuse in December, if memory serves.

Cierto… Saludos.

Yes! Xsnow is my christmas favourite, I know something similar is available as a plasmoid but I like Xsnow best. Last year I think I compiled it myself, but was happy to find out it’s in the repos now. How can I enable that winter boot theme?

Hi malcolmlewis
Thanks for sharing that, could use a bit of that coolness here in tropical humid sauna South East Queensland (Aus), BTW, what is that awesome system monitor you got on there ?


Hi Noel
Your welcome :slight_smile: That’s conky, just built up over time to keep an eye on the system :slight_smile:

Ahh your own, I’m inspired will wait till new year (do plenty reading in between) and start my own conky.


If memory serves, it only happens with opensuse in December when you install opensuse.
With enabling it as your boot theme, sorry I have no idea, have done something similar but that was a long time ago.

Hi, this is explained here https://en.opensuse.org/SDB:Animated_penguin_GRUB_splash_screen, although I have not tried it, I did a trick to be able to make the capture which is to change the bios date to 12/25…


That SDB entry is for Legacy GRUB only – not GRUB 2 …

Sorry, I did not notice …

Yes, you’re right and the snow shows only if you use the legacy GRUB.