xserver 1.10+

During my research on enabling composite effects and xinerama, I stumbled upon a few threads and discussions which showed xserver 1.10+ has resolved the conflicts between the 2 modules.

I’m wondering if anyone knows of someone/somewhere to get a SUSE compatible build of xserver 1.10+ ?

If not, could someone point me toward an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to build packages for SUSE?


I have a similar question. I can see that on Index of /repositories/X11:/XOrg where the latest builds of xserver are produced, the version is stuck to 1.9.3 for long time.

Will opensuse upgrade to 1.10+ (1.11 is on the way also) ? Is there a reason why the latest xserver packages are only 1.9.3?

I suspect the compatibility with legacy binary drivers.

The same question has been asked on the factory mailling list (especially wrt its impact on Mesa whose update is difficult with the old X server version in place).

To the best of my knowledge no answer was given, other than concerns about stability with the new X and the new Mesa.

xserver 1.11 is published. I think we are a little behind.

Which I prefer, if there’s no guarantee for stability :slight_smile:

Someone should clarify the stability issues (at least with xserver 1.10). I’m using xserver 1.10 on fedora, ubuntu (and debian testing i think but i’m not sure) without issues, with radeon and fglrx drivers.

It’s January 2012

Shameless pump, any news on Xinerama + composite effects? I have 3 monitors and a sweet GTX590 nvidia card waiting for it…