xsane configuration

I’m using leap 42.3 with KDE Plasma 5.8.7. When starting xsane, version 0.998, the scan resolution is always 75 dpi. I tried to change that, however, without success. I changed the setting to my preference and saved the setting. I changed it in the file ~/.sane/xsane/Epson:ME-401_XP-300_400Series.drc. All that failed. When restarting xsane the resolition always fell back to 75 dpi. I also couldn’t find anything in /etc/sane.d.
Can anyone help, please.

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It might depend on the SANE backend or choosing compatible DPI values for your scanner. For example, I have a Brother DCP-7055 with the following config (first few lines shown)…

"Black & White"

As you can see it’s set to 150 DPI, but I can change that as required from the front-end (eg simple-scan or xsane), and the settings are persistent.