xrdp black screen on opensuse 42.1

I’m using opensuse 42.1 and I want to gain access via rdp.
I installed xrdp, and I can login to it, but the screen is black .I seems it steals my mouse pointer, and nothing has shown. I tried using xrdp on a VirtualMachine, and it works fine. I can login and then use a Gnome environment. But I don’t know what happened to the physical server which I wanted to connect to its Gnome?
I don’t know does xrdp have logfile or something.

Please guide me a bit

Please explain what software you have installed on boyh the localand remote machines and how you configured it, and what you do on the local macchine to connect to the remote.

As I mentioned earlier, I installed xrdp. And I didn’t configure anything. I used it by its default configuration in both tests.

Apologies for the typos earlier.

RDP implies two machines; a remote desktop that you are trying to access, and a local desktop, keyboard, etc. that you operate directly.

I understand that the remote host is running a standard (KDE?) Leap-42.1, and that you have installed the xrdp package from the openSUSE-Leap-42.1-Oss repository. I do not understand what software you are using on the local machine to connect to the remote desktop.

I use RDP (but not xdrp)extensively in a prodution environment for workers to access a farm of virtual desktops, and would like to understand any potential problems before we plan the inevitable upgrade (probably from 11.4-Evergreen to Leap). Given sufficient information, I would try to replicate the symptoms you describe.

Just a wild guess, but …
Have you installed xrdp as a client on the local machine and omitted to install and run it as a server on the remote host? If your remote virtual machine was a VirtualBox instance you could be connecting to the VirtualBox integrated RDP server.