XML editor - KDE

I’m using a win game that you can make mods for using plain text XML. I switch between windows and opensuse, edit it in win and opensuse. I need an easier way to edit XML docs. I have libre office in windows, but it doesn’t offer that.

Need help…

Kate does come with some XML plugins. You just need to enable them in the settings.

Or try kxmleditor from the KDE:KDE3 repo:

Other than that, you probably should specify what your expectations are exactly.
In the end, XML is just plain text and can be edited with any text editor.

I installed ‘kxmlgui-develop’. There is no icon on the desktop and it’s not in the menu.

Also, I found another one and installed it. QXmlEdit

Is there one that crosses both mswin and linux?

You can try some text editors geared towards programming. A basic text editor will surely do, but a specialized one can give you advanced features like syntax highlighting, autocompletion, optimization, and so on.

I’ve recently started to use Atom and also experimenting with Brackets. Both of these are cross platform. AFAIK Kate is for Linux only, but it is a really good editor as well.

For other alternatives, you can check the comparison page on Wikipedia.

And like wolfi said, if you can explicitly tell what kind of features are you looking for, you can be better advised.

And what’s “kxmlgui-develop”?
Never heard of that.

If you mean kxmleditor, as it is a KDE3 application, it installs its desktop file to /opt/kde3/share/applications/kde/, and the KDE Frameworks won’t automatically notice that change. So you may have to run “kbuildsycoca5” manually (as user) to update the menu cache.
(although that should “fix” itself eventually)

If you mean kxmlgui-devel, that’s not any application at all, but development files for the kxmlgui Framework (which helps in building KDE user interfaces), only needed to develop/compile (KDE) applications yourself.

No, the latest Kate is available for Windows too, like many other KDE (Frameworks5) applications.

PS: QXmlEdit seems to have a Windows Installer as well:
https://sourceforge.net/projects/qxmledit/files/QXmlEdit-0.9.9/ (QXmlEditInstaller-0.9.9.exe)

KXML Editor I’ll look into. I have QXML installed, has an desktop icon. I have Kate and set XML mode. I’ll need to try them for an extended period, see which one works best for me.

Thanks to sekhemty and wolfi323. :slight_smile:

This gives me a broad base to work with. Now the hard part, learning how this game mechanics work. :stuck_out_tongue: