Xinerama with 2 Different Resolutions

Hi there,

I am trying to configure two different resolutions in Xinerama mode (Screen 1: 1280 x 960, Screen 2: 1024 x 768). When I enter the different screens in Sax2 they are either enabled in Clone mode with their respective resolutions, or only one resolution is applied (1024 x 768) in Xinerama mode. I tried using KRandTray, but that completely jumbled my Desktop. I am running openSUSE 11.0 with KDE 3.5. Can anyone offer a step-by-step remedy for my problem, or is this a persistent bug?

would you have a look at this


I had a similar problem I solved using xrandr

What video card are you using? If nVidia, then use the nvidia-settings utility, not Sax2.