Xine video no sound

hello, sorry to have to ask this but I have reached the end of my little knowledge.

Opensuse 11.0
Xine installed
Kaffeine installed
Mplayer installed
Amarok installed

most of the installes are via packman, a few items are via videolan (faad2,ffmpeg, lame, libdca0, libfaac0, libffmpeg0, libx264-60).

Amarok uses Xine as engine and works like a charm.
Mplayer can play any video perfectly.
Kaffeine using Xine plays the video but no sound.
Xine plays the video but no sound.

I check mute of course, I moved all videolan package to Packman to see if that helped, it did not so did update all packeages from videolan to get back to the default situation.

Tried diffrent sound drivers beside auto in xine, no luck.

So what is left to do try ?

Thank you for your anwers.


Try moving all of your apps to packman sourced (except for libdvdcss2 which you can leave from videolan).

thank you oldcpu, I done as you have suggested, if I now check yast > reposetries > videolan the following is installed:

faad2: from packman
ffmpeg: from packman
lame: from packman
libca0: 0.0.5-3-i586 from packman
libdvdcss: 1.2.9-5.1-i686 from videolan
libfaac0: from packman
libffmpeg0: from packman
libx264-60: from packman

I deleted ~/.xine just in case it was a configuration issue but still no change.
I removed both libxine1-w32dll and w32codec-all, funly enough Xine/Kaf still played any avi, wmv (without sound)
I reinstalled them both again, no diffrence.
Reinstalled libxine1, no diffrence.

I am open to more suggestions :slight_smile:

Solved it. The last few weeks I have been using Audicty to get my vinyl records digital, the turntable in question (akai att10u) goes via usb into the pc. Well I had xine playing a movie and I pulled out the turntable usb plug and xine came with a message that the output device was unavalable, I restarted xine and sound is back. I plugged in the turntable again and restarted xine and sound was still there.

for some reason something happend that made Xine see the turntable as an output device which it for sure is not.

Anyways thanks for taking the time to help.