xfce4-session broken and udev-filesystem incompatibility

I’ve encountered a problem with new “xfce4-session” tumbleweed package (4.8.2).
Using this package, xfce settings manager -> session and startup doesn’t work anymore (blank page).
Using older versions - everything works good.
Newest Tumbleweed update doesn’t solve this problem (although it brings lots of xfce-related updates)

Another problem is new udev v173. It’s incompatible with current filesystem package (11.4), requires at least version 11.5, works good with 12.1 (package removed from Tumbleweed?)
Because of this audio doesn’t work on my machine (only dummy output is available).
(libgudev and libudev are version 173 and but udev rolls back to 166, due to improper filesystem package version)…

Can anyone confirm these problems?

new “filesystem” package in repo solved udev problem, thank you :slight_smile:

xfce4-session-settings is causing memory violation error or something like that (pl “bład ochrony pamięci”).
Anyone else experiencing this?

It was quite tricky but I managed to work it out.
It was caused by one inactive autostart entry in my home/config/autostart directory. Older 4.8.1 version worked fine, but 4.8.2 crashed.

Maybe someone will find it useful, though it seems i’m talking to myself here again…

Thanks man I had the same problem getting xfce4-session-settings error and fixed it by deleting some ~/.config/autostart files like you suggested. cheers !