Xfce: "Settings" too cluttered?


It appears that everything from YaST and from the Xfce Settings Manager has been all jam-packed together in my “Settings” menu, instead of being consolidated into their respective menus.

How do I get them back into their own menus?

I don’t use xfce
But can you try creating a new user account and see if the problem exists there.

I have created a new user account, and the problem still exists there.

I think it’s by design, there’s nothing you can do with it for lack of menu editor support. There are two settings for opensuse xfce, the opensuse and the upstream version try and see which is not cluttered. The xfce 4.8 is coming out in January and as they said in Xfce - News it will have support for menu editing. You can try the xfce 4.8pre2 release it is available in the opensuse repo and see.