XFCE Desktop - I can hardly change window size

Hello again!

I can hardly change the size of a window on the desktop, as the range for catching the border of a window (right or lower) is much to small. Even worse: trying to catch the lower, right corner to change width and length of a window at the same time.

Is there any way to change the range for grapping the window borders?

Just right click the top (title bar) of your open application and click resize.
Or just put your cursor at the edge of the window,
when a small arrow appears just click and drag to resize.

That’s a good one, Thank you! ALT + right click does the same I learned yesterday :smiley:

This is what I can’t make work because the range for picking the corner is much too small… :wink:

Good you like it.
Another option is to replace xfwm4 with kwin as your windowmanager.
It will also make xfce look prettier with all the blingblings of KDE;)