Xen module errors

Hi all.
I have installed xen (4.3.2) and kernel xen because of some packages depends on it. After installing When i switch to tty1 console, see these messages before login message.

FATAL: Module xen_vbd not found.
FATAL: Module xen_vnif not found.

What are these messages and how to solve it?

And the version of openSUSE is …???

Sorry for my incomplete info in the first post.

I’m using OpenSuse 13.1 (actually tumbleweed), kernel (3.15.5).
I found that these two modules are in a xen-kmp-X (X could be desktop, default, and…) package and the package that i had installed was for kernel 3.11.
I could get newer packages for example for kernel 3.16 from unofficial repos of software.opensuse.com but there 's some problems.
The first is that the package is very specific to a kernel (for example 4.4.0_24_k3.15.6_40 package is just for kernel 3.15.6) and after each kernel upgrade i guess it becomes obsolete and you must again find a working package for that newer kernel.

The second is that these modules will be with mkinitrd module list for every kernel (kernel xen or kernel desktop)! I think these modules must be with the xen kernels only. Is that right?

And the third, after removing all the xen packages and all related , these modules still stick at the initrd module list and you must manually remove them from /etc/sysconfig/kernel file.

When you use Tumbleweed, shouldn’t you have posteed this in the Tumbleweed forum? That is where your fellow Tumbleweed users are lurking to see if they can be of any help.

When you want me to move this, please ask (do NOT start a second thread over there, but ask for moving this).

Sorry, but with my rationale I think some problems are not related to the tumbleweed or a specific version. Some problems are just problems! Some problems are just cause of configuration , not the version of package and binary. It may be present in the oldest version till now and newest version. People who visits and help in an advance and specific topic like are so much more than a general topic like tumbleweed.
I think some problems and questions are more general to fit it in the tumbleweed topic.
This problem could will be with 12.2 or 12.3 or 13.1…

Nonetheless maybe rights be with you. Please move it :slight_smile:
Sorry again.

No need t o say sorry, I understand your rationale. But many people will not even read any further when they see it is about Tumbleweed, which is a bit special. Also, while you might be correct that a problem is not version specific, you do detect it in one specific version and it is not proven that it is not restricted to that version unless you report that yoou have tried it in other versions. And people might try to recreate your problem and then they will try to use the same version as you used.

And, as was the original case here, you do not tell at all what version you use, please note that there are people posting here problems without telling their version and after asking it shows that they use unsupported versions (like 12.1, or 11.4, or even 10.1) or no openSUSE (but SLES/SLED) or even no openSUSE (but another Linux distribution we had cases where they used some Windows (but these are restricted to about once a year). So please, never take it for granted that people guess correct what you did not tell.

This is CLOSED and will be moved to Tumbleweed.

Movd from Install/Boot/Login and open again.