x2go repos & packages

My apologies if this is in the wrong forum - this seemed the most appropriate but I’m not certain.

I use x2go as I prefer the way it works (especially ssh tunnels and changing desktop size) to vnc in it’s many forms. But, I have a problem with repos & packages. The openSUSE repos are missing the NX packages needed to make x2go work, and the oS packages seem to be incompatible with the latest NX packages on http://packages.x2go.org/opensuse. So I use the packages.x2go.org/opensuse repos & packages as the primary source.

This has worked well until my recent change from 15.1 to 15.2 - there are no Leap_15.2 repos in packages.x2go.org/opensuse, just Leap_15.1 and Tumbleweed.

I’ve retained the Leap_15.1 repos & packages in my 15.2 dup’ed install, but can you advise on whether the Tumbleweed repos & packages are more likely to be stable & compatible in future?



Which openSUSE X2Go packages did you use?

Yes, the Server build (X11:RemoteDesktop) doesn’t seem to mention any “NX” dependencies – <File x2goserver.spec of Package x2goserver - openSUSE Build Service.

On the other hand, the X2Go folks mention that –

For the graphical part of remote desktop sessions, X2Go uses No Machine NX3 technology under the hood.
<doc:newtox2go_gt [X2Go - everywhere@home];