Hi, I’m relatively new to OpenSUSE. I’ve used Linux and other itterations before but I have a unique problem that I can’t find much information on.

I downloaded and burnt a copy of OpenSUSE 10.3 installation CD (not DVD). During installation it errors out on the main repository (OSS) download. The network card is functional and connects to the net, it even downloads the NON-OSS and DEBUG repositories but not OSS. After completing the install I have to manual update the graphics driver because the GUI doesn’t display.

Going through the steps listed by this site I’ve noticed I have no X11 folder at all. Where I should find it is in the /etc folder yet it doesn’t exist. Also since I do not have this folder I cannot make changes to xorg.conf (which is essential to updating the graphics driver apparently).

I am currently downloading the DVD version to see if this will contain the missing folder if it’s not being downloaded. I am curious what I may have done wrong, and how do I go about fixing this so that I can get the GUI up and able to display.

I presume you are referring to the 10.3 “base” installation CD and not the “mini-iso” network install CD. In 11.0 and 11.1, that base CD form-factor is no longer available. Nearly always a repository error from media indicates a faulty iso or burn or over-sensitive optical drive or combination thereof. You would not have been able to install at all without access to the repo on the media. That you got installed but have no X configuration means that you either didn’t get to that step in the install or there was, again, errors in the media and there are missing files.

If you were using the mini-CD and doing a network install, and you obviously got a substantial amount from OSS over the net, then it could be any number of problems that interrupted or interfered with the data transfer.

So either way, I would be concerned whether you have a complete install or not. It’s easy to create a new xorg.conf file, but if the /etc/X11 directory is not there, then you don’t have a complete install (i.e., unless you asked for a “minimal” or “server” installation, in which case X is not installed).

So, given the above, the DVD is the way to go. But be sure you verify the iso’s md5sum. I’m not sure if 10.3 included a media check on its menu as does 11.0/11.1; that checks the validity of the burn. If it doesn’t, you should do a validity check in your burner, if there is an option to do so.

I did wonder, but won’t inquire, as to why you chose 10.3 over 11.0 or 11.1.

I am only using it due to a customer’s request. The PC is being used for test purposes by the customer and all configuration settings are chose by them. I had asked them if they wouldn’t rather upgrade but they said to use 10.3 for some reason. Thanks