X Server won't start after update of X and Wayland

I updated Tumbleweed today which included new versions of X and Wayland. Consequently, the graphical UI will not start. According to the systemd log, the X server didn’t start due to an unrecoverable failure. The log mentions a syntax error: missing ) after catch @ resource:///org/gnome/Shell/ui/runDialog.js:175. This caused org.gnome.Shell.desktop to exit.

Is there a workaround for this or some other way to get the UI to run? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • James Morris

Which GUI???

The gui is GNOME.

How did you update? If not through ‘zypper dup’, then do so. It’s the only documented way to upgrade Tumbleweed, Nothing else,

Mea culpa. I had had the same problem in the past and had forgotten about it. Thanks very much for your help! Henceforth, I will always update using zypper dup. I had been using the Yast SW update module.

To elaborate a bit: Tw is released over and over again, and can include downgrades, which f.e. YaST, updater applets cannot deal with.

Hope running ‘zypper dup’ brings your system back to normal