X-server shuts-down unexpectedly


I’ve got compiz-fusion and openSUSE 11.0 with proproprietary NVidia drivers running fine on my system, now and again usually i admit i am hacking around * the entire graphics system shuts-down and i get kicked-out to the login-prompt. When i log-in again every application i was running had clean disappeared out of the system.

What could be causing this? Is this something i need to worry about given my comments in “*”?

Constructive advice welcome,

  • i’ve got a problem (**) with a brilliant RSS Feed-reader program called Akregator - it doesn’t start, until i do ‘killall akregator’ on the command-line. When i boot-up openSUSE 11.0 it appears to already be running as a process (i can confirm this with “ps -A”) and i can even hear it getting new RSS Feeds (i’ve set it a custom sound effect for this event and i hear it go off on my speakers every minute or so) - but it’s impossible to run it. The application-launch icon comes up for a while and then nothing, not a sausage. Now until i ‘killall akregator’ on the command-line, which is the only way i’ve made it load.

** i’ve posted on here about this and i still don’t know what to do

How often does the X-server crash? I also use the proprietary nvidia driver, but do not use compiz as I never had a system where compiz failed to crash. The desktop effects available in KDE4 are enough for me and incorporate many of compiz features.

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Sorry i later realised that this crash was only happening in certain circumstances, but the Forum SW didn’t let me change it.

Here’s more full info:-


I’ve got compiz-fusion and openSUSE 11.0 with proproprietary NVidia drivers running fine on my system. I’m using Blender to render-out some still 3d scenes at the moment. If for some reason i’d closed down the Blender Render window and then attempt to open it from within Blender by doing a “Render to Window” or “Anim” command the whole X-server graphics system shuts down and i have to log-in again from openSUSE 11.0 login prompt.

The only way to avoid it seems to be to reboot my computer each time i start Blender. That way i am sure whenever i re-open my Render window the system won’t crash.

Even if i close down Blender fully and then re-start it again, as soon as i do something that involves opening the render window the system crashes.

Apart from that i haven’t had any problems with compiz-fusion, or the stability of the NVidia proprietary drivers. It’s been generally marvellous in fact.

But this thing with the Blender render window brings it all crashing down.

Any constructive advice welcome,