Hello , These were part of the instructions from a post on 8/11/08 by kubilia_XAN that I need help with.I have openSUSE 11

"STEP 4: Use Windows Drivers via ndiswrapper

Extract the windows drivers, open the terminal (Computer > More Applications > Terminal)

Change directory to where you extracted the windows drivers.

Type in the console:
ndiswrapper -i rt2500usb.inf
modprobe ndiswrapper
rcnetwork restart

STEP 5: Configure Network Settings

Computer > YaST > Network Settings

Select “Wireless-G USB Network Adapter” and click Edit.
Under the hardware tab, type “ndiswrapper” in the Module Name box. Hit Next.
Wireless Network Card Configuration pops up, type in the network name and the corresponding network settings. Click Next, then click Finish.

Reboot the computer. Your wireless connection should work now."

I have the windows .inf driver on my desktop waiting to be put into ndiswrapper but I cant seem to do it.
What do they mean when they say “Change directory to where you extracted the windows driver”?
When I go into konsole I type su,then password,then “ndiswrapper -i rt2500usb.inf” up comes this Install/manage windows drivers for ndiswrapper but I’m stuck here nothing happens. It gives selections like -i,-a,-r etc. but I cant apply the -i selection.
I might mention that I have ndiswrapper and ndiswrapper-kmp-default packages installed.
I hope somebody is familiar to what I am trying to get across, any help would be appreciated. I am a noob as you can clearly tell.

What is command-line tool? Is it the same as terminal? Is terminal and konsole the same thing?

when it says to change directory it means to tell the terminal were the .inf file is.

a directory is like directions to the file. in order to change it you must use the ‘cd’ command. example below

Example: I have an .inf file, called wusb54gsc.inf, for my linksys wireless usb adaptor in a folder called wusb54gsc in another folder called sarah_kiki which is in my home folder in root.

To get here i would type:
cd /home/sarah_kiki/wusb54gsc
if done correctly the next line should say

(keep in mind MY user name is sarah_kiki and MY folder is called wusb54gsc there is little to no chance yours is the same.)

If this worked for you yay you just learned how to change directories, if not lemmie know

oh yeah when you do install the drivers via ndiswrapper -i driver.inf

you may want to type in
ndiswrapper -l (lower case L) this lists the drivers you installed and whether or not they installed correctly if they dont you may need another driver or just some accompanying items (My usb adaptor needed two accompanying files along with rules in order for my driver to even be recognized and be up and running)

Sillycat, Thanks for the reply, I will try your suggestions. I’m going on vacation tomorrow for a week so I won’t be able to do anything about this until I get back. It’s to bad everything has to be so complicated in linux and you have to spend so much time studying and searching just to get things working. I do realize most everything is built around windows but some year linux will put microsoft out of business.