Wrong Digest Error while installing.

I am receiving the following error while trying to install LEAP 15.

I did verify the .iso as per instructions found here ----> https://en.opensuse.org/SDB:Download_help#Checksums

I uploaded an image of the error ----> https://ibb.co/V9FT1FM

I did not want to proceed without asking a bit first about this.

Thank you in advance.

Could have been a mirrors problem. Does it still happen now that a few hours have passed?

I’m not sure here. But I think you were using the NET installer. Or perhaps you were using the live iso, which has the NET installer built-in.

In either of those cases, you are installing from the online repos. And, as mrmazda suggests, there can occasionally be a bad mirror.

Wait a few hours, or until tomorrow, and try again. These problems usually clear up quickly enough.

Thank you for your reply.

I did in fact decide initially to go ahead and ignore the ‘Wrong Digest’ error and proceed with the attempt to install. I was able to successfully install the operating system. Except for the ‘poppler-tools’ package which did fail.

I then decided to completely download and verify another image of the (.iso).

After the 2nd download attempt on a different (terminal) I experienced failure with the following commands. After a while the gpg verification did work again. Of course this was not my initial issue but I wanted to add this.

gpg --recv-keys 0x22C07BA534178CD02EFE22AAB88B2FD43DBDC284

gpg --fingerprint "openSUSE Project Signing Key <opensuse@opensuse.org>"
gpg --verify <some>.iso.sha256

After a while the gpg verification commands listed above did work again. Of course this was not my initial issue but I wanted to add this.

I decided before my next installation attempt to have a (wired) ethernet connection on the terminal/pc.

So far with this 2nd attempt the installer ran fine without any errors.

@mrmazda, I didn’t have a live wired ethernet connection during my first installation attempt but I did attempt to setup the installer with (wlan0) wireless.

@nrickert, the (.iso) that I have been using is the 3.9 gig version.

Either way thanks again,

Then I would not have expected a problem in that case. So I’m surprised.

I get the same issue when trying to update.

You already asked that in another post. Please do not double post.

I had the same problem with installing Leap 42.3 by a DVD image.
This was a hardware problem in my case.
Filed a bug: https://bugzilla.opensuse.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1131540

Maybe you are lucky and it is a DVD reading error in your case.
Try to download your image with a torrent. Check downloaded image. Try another DVD disk.

You probably don’t want to do a brand new install of 42.3 anyway… EOL is June 30, 2019 which is only a couple months away…