WPS Office bold font corruption

openSUSE Tumbleweed, KDE Plasma

Not sure what changed, WPS Office (v. used to be ok. For several weeks now a few fonts display correctly until selecting Bold. Then each character is a large black blob that runs into adjacent characters. Looks kinda like blocking the word out with a black marker. The same thing happens in both Writer and Spreadsheets. Open Sans displays correctly, Open Sans Condensed Light and Open Sans Condensed SemiBold do not. Times New Roman displays correctly, Thorndale does not.

Any suggestions how to fix?

sounds more like an issue with the fonts. have you tried using the fonts that have the display issues in another program? of just in fontview? they might have been damaged. another place to look would be the the wps office config file, if there is one, make sure wps isnt running and rename the config file and/or folder and restart wps and see if the issue persists.

That’s what I thought at first. WPS is the only program with the problem. Reinstalling, generating all new config files, reverting to an older version of WPS produce the same results.

openSUSE Tumbleweed、KDE ​​Plasma

I have the same problem,