just came back to SUSE

So far very happy, I hope to stay that way.

I BOUGHT SUSE back in probably 2000 or so… (not sure of date) I was a RedHat refugee when they went commercial.

I was unable to get suse to work right with my hardware, not really suse’s fault at the time, i had some real oddball hardware then… so I actually went to windows me… which was a disaster in itself but that did not last long. windows xp came out and i was very happy with it for a long time, though i did keep my old redhat install for a while till the old computer died. I bought mandrake 9.0 and was very happy with it for a while but it did not do what i wanted and went back to windows xp.

been running pclinuxos since .92 because it was the first distro i found that actually worked with my radeon 7500 graphics card that i had at the time.

anyway, i ended up buying a new laptop from sony… vista… wow… well it worked, and it worked pretty good for a while then i realized why people told me not to buy a sony laptop, they are too fragile (sorry sony, i do like the laptop otherwise) i ended up breaking it in half by picking it up off the coffee table by the left bottom corner with the lid open and a “extended” battery installed… evidently the sz series cannot handle a strong snatch from there with that… …anyway… it broke. from there it was not quite the same, granted that may be the extended accident warranty people, dont know for sure. but i had to buy a vista restore disk because the break damaged the harddrive pins. vista did not work quite so right but did what it needed to do so i stuck with it.

anyway about 3 months ago my vista crashed and would not boot. my windows console skills are about the same as my linux console skills… I HAVE NONE!!! so i was unable to recover it. I tried to do a restore but my disks were damaged… so …

my plight

PCLinuxOS… a great distro with the head developer that lives actually very close to me. and the comunity is great too, i actually founded thier folding@home team and am still a memeber there. a special thanks to all there, my freinds, and all the other folks there. itall seemed to work at first and was nice looking, and great, but sound did not work… nor webcam… i tinkered for a while and got sound to wokr for while but it would quit at random times, usually a reboot would fix it… webcam would not work for love nor money… i kept finding instructions on the web to make it work via ubuntu and the console command would not work in pclos soo…

Ubuntu… unity, let me tell you about unity… i thought gnome worked fine in redhat, but i had no idea whatsoever what i was doing and form using kde for so long on pclos, i decided to add kubuntu… you know what, i used it for about 2 hours, no matter what i did, the fonts were so bad they were unreadable, and the comunity was so ANTI-kde you would think that they thought that kde was responsible for the abortion of babies since the dark ages (sorry kubuntu folks, but tell me you dont know what i’m saying) so back to unity. unity is pretty, fonts look great, the desktop looks great, i liked it about 2 weeks… then i started getting frustrated with it… cannot configure desktop, everything locked in place and cant move it… its a feature not a bug right… evidently it IS, it is part of their upgrade path. i posted a complaint about unity and i mentioned something about a monkeys testicles… ok i admit it, i said balls… anyway i got banned from ubuntu forums FOREVER!.. so off to distowatch and looking for the BEST KDE DISTRO because that is what i am familiar with apparently

looked into arch, looks like it may be the best kde distro, i dunno i did not try it as i may not be a 'newbie" to linux but i am not a hardcore user by any means of the word, i am a windows refugee if you get right down to it. i was dumbed down by the point and click stuff… pclos was great because it still works on my other computer just fine. so went back and gave pclos another try, still no luck , all my hardware worked in ubuntu but could not get it to work no matter hard i tried so went looking for KDE WITH Ubuntu

LinuxMint KDE, absolutely beautiiul os, kde easy to use and familier, sound worked great, webcam still did not… though i tried all the ubuntu console treatments that led me to it in the first place. it was great otherwise and the comunity was great, people were nice and all but wanted something a bit MORE…

i found out suse was releasing a new stable version 3 days ago, i counted it down and set it to download first thing yesterday morning… i just finished the install… so far all my hardware works out of the box… os is beautiful looking (i admit it does look nearly identical to linuxmint on the cover…maybe its the green)

anyway, getting back into yast and such… its coming back but slowly. i saw some negatives about it but i dont see anything wrong with something that works. i just came back here and was surprised that my login works about 10 years of being gone… i am hopefull that all works as it should… so far i really like it.

sorry about all the typos, i think my typematic rate is set too high, either that or that is why i was never good at console… lol, maybe i just cant type worth a flip.


Welcome Russ

Hope you enjoy your say here.

Appreciate your useful comments.

yeah, first time i have ever had my comments called useful.


thanks for the welcome, glad to be here

BTW: I have Mint 13 KDE installed on a machine and it’s fantastic