Wordpress The site is experiencing technical difficulties.

Hi, so i have server on virtualbox with suse 15.1 leap server installed. I wanted to install wordpress on it, but when i want to go to http://(my ip address)/wp-admin/install.php i get “The site is experiencing technical difficulties.”

i don’t know what to do. i checked wordpress have all privileges in mysql and i configured wp-config.php

i’m newbie to opensuse and linux overall please help

Please show

sudo a2enmod -l

and show the vhost/host config

I’m wondering how you configured the webserver, how you installed. On openSUSE I always install the yast-http-server package, then use YaST’s HTTP server module to configure it. And that has worked flawlessly on several WP installs as well.

here is what i have: https://pasteboard.co/IFNgSJd.png

i don’t know what im supposed to do here

i did it this way: https://www.linuxbabe.com/opensuse/apache-mariadb-php7-lamp-opensuse-leap-42-2

and then this: https://www.itzgeek.com/web/wordpress/install-wordpress-on-opensuse-13-2-with-lamp.html

It’s important to always use as recent and as official documentation as possible.
The guides you’re using are ancient, not only do they describe old and outmoded practices for openSUSE, they also are for ancient versions of Wordpress. Nothing you’re following will likely work at all.

First thing is that you’re doing a very good thing by installing in a virtual machine.
You’ll find advantages not only when learning a new technology, you may also decide ti’s the best way to deploy your final, working solution.

Keep in mind what I’m describing next is based on general “Best Practices” and not because I have special knowledge about installing and setting up Wordpress…
I’ll also assume you prefer to learn as much as you can and become familiar with YaST, so I’ll describe tools to use but leave out specific detailed steps which you should be able to work through on your own. If you become stumped, post and either I or someone else will post something more specific to get you past your obstacle.
Of course, you should discard your existing VM, create a new machine starting from scratch …

  1. Install Wordpress from the openSUSE repositories.
    You can also download and install from the Wordpress website, and that might be required if you were installing on a remote machine like in a cloud service, but when you can logon locally to a machine like what you’re doing, installing from the openSUSE repositories is easiest.
    (In your Guest VM), open a web browser to the following page and click on the “One Click Install” from the “server:php:applications” repository


  1. Curiously, the Wordpress package you just installed does not install a database. Although you can install a different database, I’m going to assume you’ll want to set up on MySQL, or more exactly MariaDB which is the preferred fork that is nearly identical to MySQL.
    Find “mariadb” in the Software Manager and install it.

  2. Although not a critical necessity, I highly recommend installing the YaST HTTP server module to manage your Apache webserver
    Find the package “yast2-http-server” in Software Manager and install it.

  3. You can now open the Services module in YaST, and start and “enable” to start on boot both your Apache webserver and MariaDB database applications.

OK, you’re nearly done! (hopefully!)
You now have Wordpress installed on a running Apache webserver and a running database to support your Wordpress…
Now to configure everything so they work together.
You can find instructions in the Wordpress package you just installed,
To view the contents of your wordpress package run the following in a console app like Konsole (if you’re running KDE)

rpm -ql wordpress.rpm

The above command will display every file in the package, and you’ll notice the following file


You can open and read that file any way you wish, eg Kate or KWrite (with root permissions) if you’re running KDE.
The following command using “cat” easily opens the file in your console which is displaying the rpm contents

 cat /usr/share/doc/packages/wordpress/README.SUSE 

Follow those instructions and you should have a running Wordpress on your openSUSE.

Good Luck,
Installing and running a Wordpress application isn’t typically an easy thing to do for beginners…