I’ve been having issues with getting World of Padman to work. I’ve tried to install it using YaST and it downloads the installer but after I run that, it downloads the files but does nothing more!? I’ve now acquired Quake 3 Arena but not Padman!? Is there anything I’m missing?

Can anyone explain what I need to do or what I should be expecting to see after the download? Do I need a separate file or installer?

Just thought I’d write an update. I got the installer to download the main file and the update patch, but after it ran (single player wouldn’t work) I now cannot work out how to run or play the game?

Any experience with this game? I’ll keep playing with different things to try to get it to work.

Padman has no single player mode implemented per se if you will notice when choose it in the game. You can however choose multiplayer and instead of joining a server choose create and then choose your gametype, map, bots, click the fight icon and your off.