wma2 support?


I have installed Leap on a Dell Laptop, with all related codecs from packman. Most files are OK, but some wma dont play. While amarok and kaffeine remain silent, VLC at least states:
VLC could not decode the format “WMA2” (Windows Media Audio 2)

Former w32-codecs seem not to be available anymore. Anyone an idea where to get wma2 support from?

It is not clear what you mean with that.

In any case for full Multimedia support, you should switch to Packman in a way that when a package exists both on OSS and Packman, you should have the Packman version.

Using YaST > Software > Software Management, choose the Repositories View from the View menu. Then select the Packman repo from the list at left. Then at right upper, you see the text “Switch system packages to the …” Click on it. And then Accept.

If your problem persists after that, please come back here. We can not realy help you when it is not 100% clear that you did the switch to vendor Packman.

Hm, havent seen that option before…but that fixed it, thanks!