With "le9" patch systems with 2 - 4 GiB of RAM get huge speedup

News: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=le9-Linux-Low-RAM

According to the Phoronix reader involved with the Le9 work, he’s reportedly able to run Mozilla Firefox with 37 tabs as well as having Skype, Discord, two PDFs, and LibreOffice all running on an ageing decade old system with just 2GB of RAM.

Protection of clean file pages (page cache) may be used to prevent thrashing, reducing I/O under memory pressure, avoid high latency and prevent livelock in near-OOM conditions. The current le9 patches provide two sysctl knobs for soft and hard protection of clean file pages. The current le9 patches are based on patches that were originally created by Mandeep Singh Baines (2010) and Marcus Linsner (2018-2019).

Patch: GitHub - hakavlad/le9-patch: [PATCH] mm: Protect the working set under memory pressure to prevent thrashing, avoid high latency and prevent livelock in near-OOM conditions

Patch for Intel’s driver DRM/i915 GEM shrinker to use “le9” patch: GitHub - hakavlad/disable-i915-gem-shrinker: [PATCH] Disable DRM/i915 GEM shrinker

User experience: Linux for old PC — Bringing PC from 2007 back to life
“There’s a video demonstration, as well as ready-to-use LiveCD with le9 patch.”

Suggestion for applying patch to openSUSE: Bug 1188861](1188861 – Consider applying "le9" patch to speedup systems with 2 - 4 GiB of RAM)
Vote for it to get it applied.

openSUSE usually avoids merging out of tree patches as they are less tested and hard to maintain longterm

I prefer solutions rather than complains.
Possibly we can get it in the main tree - if we promote it.
Another option is in getting an easy way of applying this and another patches for openSUSE kernels by users.