witcher and wine

i have tried to get the witcher enhanced edition to work with wine. i went through the process of trouble shooting with the help of the faq on winehq and wintricks and i have confidence that aside from this last problem it will run fine. the game requires full access rights for the first load only but when i run it as root i get an error saying it needs a classobject. all the rest of my games run fine and i can’t find any mention of this issue on winehq. has anyone seen this before and if so is there some kind of fix for it?

i appreciate the help and i will post the exact line once i’m off work and back in front of my machine.

i do apologize for the delays in getting useful output as i am deployed and the power situation over here has wreaked havoc on my system but as soon as i’m up and running again i will post the full output here