Wireless usb mouse and kb not recognized

I recently installed v12.3 using wired usb mouse and keyboard and want to change to wireless. The computer sees the Logitech universal usb plug but won’t recognize mouse or keyboard. Anyone know how to install the driver for wireless? I have searched everywhere and cannot find any answer.

Well so far, all such mice and keyboards have been found by openSUSE automatically. I can say that I have had to go into the computer BIOS and enable Legacy USB support or there may be a USB Keyboard and mouse enable selection. Further, on the first startup, you may need to leave it connected for a while until it gets recognized as it may not happen without a wait on the first boot. Give it five minutes or so on the first try.

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I traced the problem - apparently, the unifying receiver was not paired with the mouse or keyboard. The only way to pair them is through Windows as logitech has no support for Linux. Thanks for the suggestion.

So that means it can only work with Windows or you must run it in Windows the first time to pair them up? If a mouse and keyboard can’t work until Windows configures them, then it seems like you would have to use another keyboard or mouse first. Its worth a BIG complaint to Logitech that it can’t be used the first time to do anything in your BIOS or UEFI PC setup. That is a stupid decision on their part in my opinion.

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Exactly - you must run in windows to pair them up then they will work in linux. I used a wired set to start then paired them via logitech unifying sw. My guess is Logitech is afraid to expose trade secrets if they honor the Open software requirements and make the source code available - although nowadays everybody seems to have wireless peripherals so it would not hurt them in my opinion to at least provide basic services like pairing, and reading keys, buttons, etc. If you go on the logitech website and type linux the message you get is no support.

I have seldom used Logitech myself, but recently, I was given a Logitech wired USB mouse for Christmas and it works fine. I use a keyboard/Mouse/Monitor switch for more than one PC and wired mice and keyboards work best with this rig. And at work, I recently did a job for LifeSize, a telecommunications company owned by Logitech. I only mention this becuase I have went years before without even saying the word Logitech. Anyway, I am happy to hear you are up and working again.

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