Wireless Success TP-Link TL-WN851ND

I am pretty much a noob at linux, although I have a had a desktop running it for a few years now.
I am currently running v11.3… Yes I will be upgrading to 12.1 soon.

I decided to move my router to a new location, but I wanted to leave my Linux desktop where it was. So adding wireless to that computer was the simplest solution.

I first bought a Trendnet TEW-643PI card which did not work… even with ndiswrapper.

So returned that card and bought a TP-Link TL-WN851ND PCI card.

After installing it, opensuse recognized it right away. It says its Atheros 9k driver.
I had trouble configuring it correctly in Yast2, but after switching to Network Manager it works perfectly.

I hope this experience can help someone else looking for a wireless N card.

Hi there, I’ve just registered on this forum to ask you how you’ve done this.
I’m a very new user with openSUSE, have just installed openSUSE 12.1 on my desktop this morning. I’ve got the same PCI wireless card as you, TP-LINK TL-WN851ND (Atheros AR9287 chipset) and it’s not picked up by the OS at all.

I’m now using my laptop to get online and reading SDB articles. So far, SDB:Wireless article said Atheros drivers aren’t supported whilst MadWifi says otherwise (although TL-WN851ND wasn’t listed in it’s compatible list). Then, I came across your thread and you siad you’ve got it working!

So, please could you give me some help installing the wireless card? Atm, on System Settings -> Network Connections -> except Wired and VPN, everything else is faded. When I went into yaST2, it says it detects it and is “unconfigured”.

If you need any further info on this, please let me know. I read somewhere that a wired connection should be used for the very first time so the OS could update itself and so on but in my case, it’s kind of impossible.

Anyway, thanks and hope you’ll reply :slight_smile:


From this reference[1] you can install the TL-WN851ND compatible driver using the driver:wireless repository[2].



[1] ath9k - Linux Wireless
[2] http://software.opensuse.org/ymp/driver:wireless/openSUSE_12.1/compat-wireless.ymp?base=openSUSE%3A12.1&query=compat-wireless