Wireless second factor authentication not detected

Our work wireless network uses Cisco Meraki for 2nd Factor Authentication, when someone connects to the Wireless, the first page load should automatically redirect to the Meraki login page, where the user has to input the login details for their account.

When I connect to the wireless network currently, I simply get a page unavailable message instead of getting redirected.

I found that if I used wget to pull a random page down, that was redirected and instead pulled down the login page, from that I was able to load the form from a link I found in that page, so I am able to work around this issue, but in previous versions of gnome, a window (not a Firefox window) would pop up when it detected that a second factor auth was required and I was able to log in through that.

Can anyone advise whether gnome may be missing something, or whether this may be a bug in the version of gnome that ships with Leap 42.1?