Wireless not recognized

Hi there.

Decided to test out the newest Milestone release of OpenSUSE 11.2, since I saw they were moving into more testing mode. The first thing I noticed when I got into the live CD was that my wireless card is either not recognized, or isn’t working. Once installed, this problem continued.

I’m running an Atheros AR5001 network adapter, which used to cause problems. But none of the distributions I’ve tried out recently have experienced any issues with it, since the Ath5k driver became available.

Running KDE. The Network Manager seems to suggest that it recognizes the ability to use wireless, as it says the WLAN Interface is “disconnected” and there’s an option to connect to a hidden network. But it’s completely failing to detect the house network, and it should at least be seeing the tons of other networks floating around since I’m in student housing.

Any help would be appreciated!