Wireless Network Problem

I just went from openSUSE 13.1 to 13.2 (32-bit). The desktop environment is KDE. What I did was format sda1 (where / resides) and preserve sda2 (/home). This is a laptop so I connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Installation went smoothly, except for the following problem:

Upon booting up, a window opens with the following message:

KDE Daemon
For accessing the wireless network <networkname> you need to provide a password below.

How do I get the system to permanently store my wireless password?

kwallet does this
But depending on how you set that up will depend on what happens
And of course you should make sure ‘Automatically connect to this network when it’s available’ is checked. Pretty sure it is by default

Problem solved! I did not have KWallet turned on.
Went into KDE Wallet - KDE Control Module and checked “enable KDE wallet subsistem”.
Thanks for your help.