wireless in Enlightenment

Not sure whether this should go here or under Applications, but here goes. When I boot up into KDE, my wireless connection fires up automatically. If I then log out and log into Enlightenment, the connection is still working. However, if I boot up my machine into Enlightenment, no internet connection and seemingly no way to get it working. I was finally able to add the network connection module to the panel in Enlightenment, but it does not work. Instead, I get an error saying that I need to install EConnMan, an application that I do not see in the repositories. The KDE NetworkManager plasma applet is also not visible in Enlightenment, and I am unable to connect through YaST.

Are there any tricks I have missed? (A search did not turn up anything, but I may not be searching for the right topics) Are there any applications or files I need to install or look for. I just recently installed 13.1 with KDE and added Enlightenment and some codecs. So far, I have done little else to this machine. Other suggestions? Thanks.

I don’t use enlightenment, so I can’t help there.

Login to KDE. Edit your connection, and set it to be a system connection. This will ask for the root key.

Once you have done that, it should connect on boot and work even in enlightenment.

That seems to have done the trick. Thanks!

The easiest way to get wireless in Enlightenment is to install a Network Manager Applet, load the systray module in enlightenment and add systray to your shelf. Until i can get connman included into the main openSUSE distro its not very useful. You can use it from the X11:Enlightenment:Factory repository though. I need to write a wiki about all this.



how…how…how…coud you be more explicit?


In KDE, look for the NetworkManager icon in the tray. Click on that (normal left click).

Then click “Manage connections”.

On the next screen, select the “Wireless” tab, if it is not already selected.

Select the particular connection (assuming that you have already set it up).

Click Edit

Make sure that the “Connect Automatically” and “System Connection” boxes are both checked.
Save the results. Somewhere along the line you will need to provide the root password.

That’s it. After that, the connection should be made on bootup, before any login. So it will be available to your enlightenment session.


A quick question, cause a few days i installed Leap with Plasma5 and Enlightenment, and i quite like Enlightenment and i noticed the Wireless problem and i put it to work choosing the options in KDE as the previous post refers, the question is, if i do a fresh install only with Enlightenment, its impossible to have wireless working out of the box because EConnman isn’t available? So how can i have a Full working system with both cable/wireless internet connections in a fresh install in Leap?

Is there any other way?


It works using wicked or in my case
I include the network manager for xfce
You can add it also in the enlightenment system tray.

Thanks for the reply…
And can i include the network manager for xfce or wicked before a fresh install?

I think wicked should be included when you install openSUSE.
What type of installation are you going to do on a clean install?
I am assuming you are going to start with a minimal installation
then you are going to add enlightenment by installing it from the openSUSE repositories.
AFAIK, enlightenment is not in the option when you install from the dvd iso.

The networkmanager for xfce that I use is
NetworkManager_Gnome, the panel applet is included
in that package.

Hope this helps.

Wicked is installed already, i didn’t need to do it.
I did a fresh installation with Plasma5, Enlightenment and Xfce (the last two environments i installed when the final resume of the full installation appeared) and i liked Enlightenment more. The only problem i found was this one. So using the Xfce networkmanager or allow a pre-configurated wireless connection in Plasma5 for the whole system will make Enlightenment to connect to the internet with no problem?

Will Econnman be available in a future distro?


If you set the connection to be shared by all users, then the connection should start without waiting for login and will ba available to all desktops.

There’s also “nmcli” (a command line tool for NetworkManager), though I don’t have any experience with it.

Yes, on Leap and tumbleweed my installation is xfce and I added enlightenment.
The network applet is showing in the system tray. Like you, since I started using
enlightenment in openSUSE 13.2, I was hooked into using it on a daily basis.
it’s so snappy on my machine.

There is a trick in the enlightenment system tray so it will show the applet.
The default system tray even if the network applet is working in the background
it will not show-up. You have to change the look of the enlightenment system tray
by mouse clicking until the settings pop-up and change it to the other option, I forgot
the name of that option (sorry about that) but you will figure it out. Sad thing here is
It is kind of hard to make the system tray setting to appear. Just keep on clicking on the edge of the system tray.:slight_smile:

Hope this help.

I got the option now.
You have to enable the option

Enable Xembed

The best way to make the system tray setting to appear is to
enlarge the shelf first and then right click the edge of the system tray.

I’m trying but i can’t seem to do it. I have an ibar in the middle of the shelf and i need to separate them to resize.

No you don’t need to separate them to resize, when you right click you will see the shelf, ibar and other options.
hover your mouse to the shelf and it will bring you the settings, click it and you can see options for style, size etc.
Click the size and adjust it to around 70-80 pixels and click apply. It will change the entire size of the whole panel.
Now you can try right clicking the edge of the system tray to bring out the settings to enable xembed.

Hope this help.

Well, i tried almost every single pixel to find the option, but nothing so far. Can you reproduce it and send a screenshoot?

For the life of me, I can’t seem to open the settings today
but I did a screenshot of how the system tray looks on my

Please follow this link:

I was able to reproduce it.

I would like to make a clarification/correction to this post.
Even if you’re not able to enable Xembed in the system tray
settings as long as the network manager applet is running
in the backgound, it will be inside the system tray, although
the icon is not visible. When you hover the mouse in the system tray
the network manager applet pop-up for the connection info is there.
Also, you have to add it also in the Settings-Settings Panel-Apps-Startup-Applications
To make sure it will run when you started your enlightenment session.
This is what I did on my side. I am not an expert in this I am just an ordinary user.

Hope this help a bit.