wireguard support?

How do I get wireguard running?
network-manager supports it, I can set up a wireguard connection but when I try to connect it says “missing vpn modul”.

Looks like using Network Manager to manage Wireguard is no different than setting up any other VPN… You have to install its modules (packages).

From The Wireguard install page

The openSUSE packages

$ sudo zypper addrepo -f obs://network:vpn:wireguard wireguard
$ sudo zypper install wireguard-kmp-default wireguard-tools

If you have any issues, post again…

Looks interesting if it can provide the “better” VPN security and performance of IPSEC while avoiding its complexity, primarily its key exchange requirement which is not automatic and standard. Wireguard’s use of public key encryption is a standardized and well known approach for exchanging keys. I just wonder about the intro’s description about encrypting each and every individual packet similar to openSSH/SSL, which I speculate is the main reason for its lack of performance compared to “sustained connections” which is how other VPN protocols work. Is Wireguard really Layer 2? I doubt that.


Thanks a lot!
'nother repo… :-/
Not sure if I will go this way. Wanna keep my installation ‘clean’ - I try to avoid extra repos.
Any chance this will be in an official repo?

At least wireguard is still young, seems to have a promising future.

Installing packages and modifying your system involves trust.
You’ll just have to make your own decisions how you trust… the package, the package’s source, the package’s creator…
And balance that against your level of need.

You can do your own investigation,
The sources of information you choose to trust, like the idea the repo is recommended by the official project website (which is why I provided the link to the web page and not just the instructions).
The individual or group that supports and maintains the repo

And of course more.
With FOSS, everything is supposed to be available so that you can do as much investigation as you’d like.


Installed wireguard, now it works!
Thanks again!