Winter.... how is it where you are?

Since i live here in the states, or more precise in Los Angeles, i have not seen any snow in years.
But i even can not remember that we had in frankfurt (my old town) really snow for a long time. Not even as i lived there.

If you live in CA snow is not a problem. At least if you don’t live in the mountains.

I wonder how you are coping with the winter whereever you live. Any problems?

Here is a webcam from my old town. Oh dear, i miss it well.

It’s been in the teens here in Kentucky. Just got about three inches of snow, and barely missed an ice storm. I couldn’t imagine not having snow.

BBC News - Your pictures: The big freeze continues

yester64 I am just to the north of you here in the southwest corner of the San Joaquin valley and it’s 53.3F/11.83C and I will soon need a boat to venture out from my house. :stuck_out_tongue: They say there is a second very wet storm coming. I think you have had more rain then me though in the past week. It does snow here about every three years. It never stays for more than a day though. It will stick longer on the northern facing slopes behind Taft but not by much.

Very cold here at the moment… bout 3 inches of snow… Ireland is not build for this kind of weather but it looks like it’s here for a while…](
That’s the view from the back of our house yesterday morning…](
That’s whiles walking my dog… she loves the snow :slight_smile:

Nice and warm here (the weather control network looks pretty stable now).

But i even can not remember that we had in frankfurt (my old town) really snow for a long time.

Now they have more than enough. Check the Frankfurt Airport homepage:

Flight delays and cancellations might occur at Frankfurt Airport due to wintry weather and reduced visibility.
Passengers are kindly requested to contact their airline and to check traffic reports, e.g. on the radio or on teletext.

The only good news they have are:

World’s First Hooters Restaurant at an Airport Opens at Frankfurt Airport

In addition to the above (Frankfurt 2010-12-18):

My wife has a friend who works in a Restaurant at Frankfurt airport. Apparently we learned from this friend that it was not pleasant there (in Frankfurt airport) over the weekend, and the police had to be called to help ‘keep the peace’. The line ups were massive with many people standing in line to be rebooked, and many were not happy with the division of priority as to who got rebooked first, who got on flights and who did not. … Many people have been stranded for a day or more.

I’m currently just finishing a late lunch, looking out the window in my office in Darmstadt Germany, and its snowing like there is no tomorrow. Its just coming down and coming down and coming down (where this is a part of the world where snow rarely comes down in these quantities).

I seem to recall I left Canada to get away from this white stuff, and here it is again !! … oh well, the good news is Christmas is almost here, and I like a white Christmas (assuming of course, the rain predicted later this week does not wash it all away).

Here in central Mexico it’s been very sunny and dry, lukewarm (20 C.) during the day, and chilly (4 C.) at night. We are at 2000 meters elevation. Snow? What’s that?

Well I lived in Ashchaffenburg in the late 80’s and Trais-Munzenberg in the 90’s and I saw snow every year I miss Germany. Had to take my car to Bremerhaven one time and as I was driving up to Bremerhaven and the snow plows were going down the other side, then when I was going back down to Trais-Munzenberg they were going up kind pissed me off at the time because I could only do about 40mph on the autobahn. I live in the states now the South East and you might get about a 1/2 inch of snow every 3 years.

According to the car’s external temperature guage it was minus 7 degrees C at 9:30 this morning. I am on the Essex sunshine coast in Clacton. That’s as far east as you can get from London without drowning. It is sunny, but it is also bl00dy freezing. We have 10cm snow too.

Here in India you only get to see the snow if you live in northern India… near the mighty Himalayas… I remember enjoying every snowfall in Kashmir, India as a kid… but had to leave that beautiful land. Now I am living in Pune, India which comes in central India… and the temperature never goes below 10 degree C in winters and that is the temperature which is right now here… In daytime the temperature remains around 20 degree C.

Forida west coast a bone chilling 70 F. :slight_smile:

You must be south of the bay Area because I saw some reports of ground frost in Hudson today.

You guys would probably laugh at me.I live in the tropics.I get uncomfortable whenever mercury dips below 25 degrees Celsius or 77 degree Fahrenheit.It is currently 23 degrees Celsius.Actually I never needed warm clothing like sweater/pull over in my life.

digitalpalmtree wrote:
> Forida west coast a bone chilling 70 F. :slight_smile:

more snow in Denmark than usual…lots more cold and snow…began in
mid-November and is still here…

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I am going to need a boat to get around if it rains anymore.

I think 20C is a ideal temperature. I could handle that year round. I don’t want to move to the Azores though.

20C would be indeed nice.
I can’t stand 90 or even 100 F.
Anyway, whatever comes in europe down as snow, comes here as rain. So i think.
My family is already tired from snow removal.
I do miss the weather somewhat. Cause at those times we used to go to downtown and drank gluehwein. For christmas, which is very german i think. Or baked chestnuts. Thats the way to get around in that kind of weather. :slight_smile:
I lived most of my life in frankfurt, but moved for 2 years to walldorf. Nice little town close to the airport.

Its kinda funny. We have here in the valley a river which is called the Los Angeles River. Mostly empty during the year. This is the only time water flows in it.

It’snow joke. lol! Read more here…