Wine problem

Ok, Wine works fine, BUT… when i click on “autodetect drives” it doesn’t give me /media/cdrom0 thing, nothing comes out at all. You see, i did it on Debian, and that helped me running some games, which are usually rips but they require the presence of cdrom formally, not that they really need it. On openSUSE it’s kinda different, and such games just don’t run saying that there’s no CD-ROM detected. Any ideas how to solve that?..

Again, telling next to nothing about your environment will irritate people to the point thatthey will ignore you.

Do NOT use a title such as “X problem”. Make a short but telling title. You have to lure people into reading your thread. It is you that want help. There are a lot of people here who want to give help in their free time. But the joy this gives is soon turned into irritation when they have to ask again and again for the most obvious needed technical information.

How do i put a sign after my posts saying what kinda stuff i’m using? I can’t find it.

Top-right on every page is Settings. Click on it and you get a personal page. Left down is again Settings and below it is Edit Signature.

Wine won’t detect an optical drive unless there’s a disc mounted in it. If you are talking about mounted isos, they, too, have to be mounted before you run winecfg.

But if you are talking about running a game from a mounted iso, and Wine detects the iso as a drive in winecfg but the game still complains about not finding the cd, you are probably looking at a copy protection issue.