Wine or PlayOnLinux for ipad/ipod backups

Title ask what I would like to address.
First off, I have no problem playing the content on my iDevices with what comes with openSuse, but the backups are important to me.

But iPad and iPod backups need to be made. I would like to do it from within openSuse without having to start Windows first just to make backups.
Not sure if a 32bit version of iTunes will do the job, but have to assume it will.

I looked at some documentation for PlayOnLinux, and it addresses ‘playing games’ but doesn’t tell me if it will handle iTunes.
TIA Bill L

afaik itunes does not work well with wine or wine forks (inc playonlinux)
older versions of itunes might work
according to the above link itunes 8.x and 9.x sort of work
you can get old versions over at filehippo
you’re better off connecting your device via mtp assuming apple devices have media transfer protocol support

I might have jumped the gun as it would seam itunex 12.x sort of works with wine 3.0

What works
Quickly tested, but seems to work well, including iMusic.
Installed iTunes 32bits with Wine 3.0

What does not
What was not tested
Videos, and buying on Itunes Store.
Hardware tested
*Graphics: *

  • GPU: Nvidia
  • Driver: proprietary

Additional Comments
Installed iTunes 32bits with Wine 3.0 from Ubuntu 18.04 without special tweak, except adding the environment variable WINEARCH=win32 to run in 32bits

that being said unless you need access to your apple library I still say use mtp or ptp