Wine. Network and System time sync.

Hi, Everybody.

How can I allow to WINE application to syncronize the system time to the network time? Application was running under “users” group by local user. It sync well, if I run it under “root” account.

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By default, users cannot set/sync the time in linux. It is best to rather let the system sync the time by setting the ntp in yast>network.
If you absolutely must allow the windows app to sync the time, you need to allow the user that is running wine the right to change the time in yast>security and users>user and group management.

Thanks for answer. What should I do in User managment? Add user to special group?

As I said before, unless it’s really necessary that the wine app syncs the time, rather set up ntp in linux. The windows app may just do other unexpected things that mess the security.
So, if you can’t ignore the windows app setting ntp, add the user to the ntp group. (yast>sec and users>user and group. Highlight the user and click edit>details.

Still no joy… User now in ntp group, but it can’t sync time.

You then need to go back and check the windows program to find out what windows permissions it uses and then figure out what the corresponding linux group is required.
You will probably find that the app needs to run as a service account which would have been set up when it was installed in windows.
Like I said at the beginning, letting windows apps play with hardware/system settings in linux is not a good idea.
Why do you need the time sync and can you not configure the win app not to sync time?

Just for the record and people finding this thread via a search engine:

There is no way in hell I would allow any windows executable to have elevated privileges through wine.

And no, this is not due to “becoz I h8 teh winblowz s00 much”, I would also not allow a linux application under windows through a “reversed wine” (which does not exist) with higher privileges.

That’s not OK. Users should not be members of ntp. You need to configure and start the NTP client. To do so:
Start Yast - Network Services - NTP client. Set it to start at boot, select an NTP-server, done. Now the time will be OK for anything on your system.

I have been trying to tell him this from the beginning, since I feel the same.
… but he seems hell-bent on using the windows app, so it’s up to him if there are any unwanted side-effects.
Perhaps he first needs to find out more about both windows user/group settings as well as linux user/group settings and what they are all for before he starts playing around in the first place.

(We can only do so much to warn people, but in the end it’s up to them.)