WINE issues after the recent massive update earlier today

I have WINE installed for a couple of MS Windows applications that I need to run still. everything worked fine just before the massive update (2983 packages were updated) that I did earlier today but I can’t seem to be able to launch either of the two applications now.

I remember the update warning me about the 32bit version of what is being installed (WINE) not being the exact version of what I have installed and if I wanted to:

  • continue installing it over the current one through over writing -or
  • break the installation by keeping the current files but installing the rest.

Since there was no option to cancel and keep the current one I chose the first option and let it do it’s thing.

Anyone else is facing the same issue? any work around would be much appreciated since I need my two MS apps on the daily.


How did you update?

I saw this issue today on a zypper dup so cancelled out of it assuming something is missing for x86/64 version of wine.



zypper se -s wine

OK so in plain language what is the easiest way to resolve this and keep my existing wine version and update to the latest levels of wine and everything else?