Wine is slow after upgrade

Ok guys, every time i upgrade wine from additional wine repository to newer one than in the OSS repo it becomes slow. “Slow” as in jerky animation in some games. And yes, i’m absolutely positive, before that it’s pretty smooth. The worst thing is that even when i downgrade to the older one it’s still the same slow, as if newer version actually altered some of the configuration files that got to stay there forever! And it seems to be non-version specific issue, happened on 11.4 and now on 12.2. Any ideas?..

Not much helpful but to revert the changes after the downgrade you might try to rename your ~/.wine directory. After that run “winecfg” and this should create your wine configs from the scratch. You will have to reinstall all the windows programs you had AFAIK.

You may choose to install all wine programmes in a separate directory initially. Something which, for me at least, makes altering and tweaking with the wine settings less of a tiresome process, as I randomly just deletes the .wine folder.