Wine Installation and Implementation

hi guys/girls

i am at my wits end with this bloody package (WINE). i have done everything that all the documentations have said and i still cant get this bloody thing working.

please can some one give me the exact commands that removes all traces of all wine packages.

and then can someone give me the exact commands to install.

please tell me which user i must be doing this under and exactly what i must configure in the config files.

all that i want too accomplish by this is to successfully play games on my pc.

please assist me in this


The command

zypper rm wine

will remove the Wine package. But if you can be more specific as to what problems you are having, maybe people here will be able to assist you.

The only files you need to remove reside in your home directory ~/.wine
then use YaST and search on wine and remove.

All you then need to do is install wine from the dvd then if you find
the setup.exe file you which to install and run;

wine setup.exe

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To uninstall and remove traces, do this:
Open a terminal window, and issue following commands:

su -c 'zypper rm wine'
(enter rootpassword)
rm -rf ~/.wine

Now I bet you want to reinstall wine, in the same terminal do:

su -c 'zypper in wine'

Now WINE has been installed. You now need to configure WINE, in the terminal do:


Take good care that ALSA is selected for audio. Leave all other settings as they are. A new /home/YOURUSERNAME/.wine folder has been created.

Now, with a game CD inserted, in the terminal window do:


You will recognize what you see now: it’s an explorer. Navigate to the CD, double-click the setup.exe or whatever.

This is the way I got it WINE working, played games in the past, run some adminstrative apps for a customer, works.

BTW. Games will be installed in /home/YOURUSERNAME/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/

i will give this a try.

but what if the game is a copy.

i.e it is literally a drag and drop for windows.

i click the exe and it plays. how will this differ in wine?

In the .wine directory you will find a directory called “C” this is the pretend windws file system you can create directories drag and drop files what ever (note that files and directories that start with a period in Linux are normally hidden. You can see hidden files in the file browser by selecting view and show hidden)

To run a file right click it, You should have an option to run in wine.