Wine from the virtualization repo is missing libpng15 (64bit)

i have a problem with the installation of wine, i have added the Virtualization community/unofficial repository first, my next step was to selecting the wine package in the package manager.
Directly when i click on wine in the package list, a pop up appears with the following message:, needed by wine-1.7.23-355.1.x86_64, is not provided by any repository

(my message is in german so i tried to translate it to english)
there are two options given:

  1. do not install
  2. ignore
    But it is strange that the missing library is not provided by the virtualization repo which is the same repo which provided wine itself. Should not it be checked if all dependencies from the packages in a repo are provided by the same repo?

Anyway, i searched for libpng and found libpng16 (64 bit and 32 bit already installed, it is possible that i installed the 32 bit version manually) libpng 12 is installed too.

i do not know what to do now.

Maybe run a zypper ref and try again?

This one use libpng16;

And please post your openSUSE version and repo list:

zypper lr -d

openSUSE 12.3 came with libpng15, so wine for 12.3 requires libpng15 which is not available on 13.1 any more.
So probably you try to install the 12.3 version on 13.1?
IOW you probably added the Virtualization repo for 12.3 to your 13.1 system.



sorry details lost,

the install on this pc (for wine, googleearth, ElsterFormular (for German taxes))? is,

Distribution 13.1

Distribution 12.3

all works


Again, wine for 13.1 requires libpng16, not libpng15.

You should not install the 12.3 packages of wine and libpng15 on an 13.1 system, that’s just nonsense.
Install the 13.1 wine package and there’s no need for libpng15 either.

:~> rpm -q --requires wine

Btw, because it struck me now after re-reading the subject: wine is not even available from the “Virtualization” repo. You can get the latest version from “Emulators” f.e., that’s where I have it from, and it is included in the standard repo of course (version 1.7.2 for 13.1).

Yes you are right, i had an old version of the emulators repo added (probably an mistake i made earlier) but there was i missunderstanding from my site because thought that Wine is in the Virtualization repository and i was sure i had the 13.1 one i did not noticed that the emulators repo was the problem.

hi wolfi323,

there is no disagreement with your reply

libpng12 is required by googleearth

libpng15 was required by digikam, when 13.1 first installed,
but now requires libpng16, so it will now be deleted


Ok, but your post seemed to propose the installation of 12.3’s libpng15 to “fix” this problem.
I just wanted to make it clear that this is absolutely not necessary (at least for wine) and should not be done.

libpng12 is required by googleearth

Yes, and libpng12 is included in 13.1.

libpng15 was required by digikam, when 13.1 first installed,
but now requires libpng16, so it will now be deleted

The same here: 13.1’s digikam did not require libpng15 ever. That’s impossible, as 13.1 does not and never did include libpng15, so a package built against 13.1 cannot depend on libpng15.

If your installed digikam did require libpng15, it was a version for 12.3.
Maybe you had it installed from KDE:Extra and forgot to change the repo URL to 13.1 (respectively disable the repo) before you upgraded?
If it had a higher version/revision number than the 13.1 version, “zypper dup” would keep (or even want to install) the 12.3 version in that case of course as long as all dependencies are satisfiable.

hi wolfi123

thanks for the feedback

the notes taken at the time were,

needed  kipi-plugins-3.3.0-1.1    installed  kipi-plugins-3.2.0-3.4.x86_64
needed  libkface2-3.3.0-1.1       installed  libkface1-3.2.0-3.4.x86_64	
needed  libkipi10-4.10.5-1.1      installed  libkipi11-4.10.97-1.2.x86_64
needed  libpng15-15-1.5.13-3.1.1  installed  libpng12-0-1.2.50-5.4.x86_64 & libpng16-16-1.6.2-2.3.x86_64

so it looks like it was for a pre-release 13.1 install

libpng15 has been deleted and no loss of functionality noticed

apologies for the confusion


That’s of course possible.
There was a time period in 13.1’s development cycle where it still contained libpng15.

But that requirement should at least have been eliminated when you upgraded to 13.1 final (likely much earlier, but I don’t remember the details)

Anyway, I guess it doesn’t really make sense now to try to find out what has happened nearly a year ago.

libpng15 has been deleted and no loss of functionality noticed

Of course not.
Nothing in 13.1 uses libpng15 (that would not even be possible) as already stated. :wink:
And the standard compatibility package that should be used by third-party programs is libpng12 (specified by the LSB).

apologies for the confusion

No problem.