Windows too wide when maximised on second monitor (KDE 3.5)

Hi, i’m relatively new to Linux (i’ve messed about with it in the past but never fully committed to it until recently).

I’ve got a dual display setup with my laptop being the primary display. I eventually managed to get it working, although the title bar for windows was missing on the external monitor (I also couldn’t type on that display). I managed to fix it with this startup script:

sleep 10
DISPLAY=:0.1 kwin --replace &

which seems to refresh the window manager and somewhat fix the problem. However, when windows are maximised, the right hand side cuts off and is too wide. Also, the title bar is smaller than usual. (screenshot: It seems as though the script is making it use the resolution of the laptop display. The bottom panel and background image are not affected by this (screenshot:

Anyone know how I can fix this? I’m running opensuse 11.0 with KDE 3.5.9


I think KDE 3 is broken. I have two monitors, 1280x1024 and 1680x1050, and indeed maximised windows behave as you describe. Somehow and sometimes KDE thinks the screen has the size of the larger display. It isn’t consistent behaviour - KDE gets the panel right for example.

I do have a workaround.

Create two new empty panels. Assuming your main panel is on the bottom place the new panels top left and top right. Make the new panels as small as you can - you should be able to shrink them to 24x24 pixels. You can make them transparent too.

What happens is that (maximised) windows are then constrained to the largest rectangle that does not overlap any of your panels (sort of, it’s hard to describe).

It’s not a perfect fix, but it’s much less annoying.

PS I run two separate X screens, not a single desktop across two monitors.

That worked, thanks!

It does have a slight gap to the right of the window. But like you said, it’s a lot less annoying!