Windows sporadically become black after a while, reboot required to temporarily fix the problem

Hello !

I am facing the exact issue described in this reddit thread: after using the system for a while (maybe a couple of days without reboot, but sometimes it may also occur during less than a day of use, it seems to be random).

New popups or windows become black:

The problem can be fixed by retrying to open the popup/window a couple of times. People have suggested disabling and reenabling KDE’s compositor but this does not truly solve the problem:

  • when this problem occurs, after reenabling the compositor, KDE’s effect no longer look the same (there seem to be a grey overlay behind them).
  • Moreover, after a while, the black windows reoccur, but this time there may only be a super thick black border around them.

So to summarize, once the problem begins, the UI of the system looks and feels broken and unstable. The only way to fix it is to reboot, but this solution is only temporary until black windows start to randomly appear again during the next session.

The problem started to occur after a upgrade quite a couple of months ago. Unfortunately I didn’t pay much attention to it back then so I am unable to say which one. But the issue has been increasingly noticeable and annoying for some reason (maybe because I’ve been using this computer more actively than before).

I am using OpenSUSE Tumbleweed with the proprietary NVIDIA driver. Is anyone else facing the problem?

Try removing .config/chromium/Default/GPUCache/

Thanks for your help, unfortunately I do not use Chrome so this is unlikely to be the cause of the problem (I use Firefox). Moreover the problem impacts absolutely all windows and popups, not just the web browser.

Try removing content from ~/.cache/ while not logged into a Plasma session, preferably no GUI session.