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Hi I am setting up a openSUSE 13.2 server for GNS3 and need to RDP into it. I have tried xrdp but don’t think I installed it or set it up correctly. I have uninstalled it. Can anyone tell me how to install it and set it up?

Is there a specific reason why you need RDP? It’s a very Windows-ish protocol meant for a single user-single desktop environment (apart from Win Server + TS but let’s not go there).

ssh+X or VNC would be better suited for Linux installations.

Yes but our Network Engineer doesn’t want VNC. And how would you do ssh+X?

Well I just tested xrdp in a VM on 13.2 quickly and essentially it went like this;

as root;

zypper in
systemctl start xrdp
systemctl enable xrdp

Then open the port 3389 in the SuSEFirewall ( YAST2 -> Firewall -> Custom Rules -> Add -> TCP port 3389 with source being whatever you need) or just disable the firewall completely if it’s internal which I assume this is.

And I was able to RDP using sesman-Xvnc as the Session. Tested only root though, bad me :slight_smile:

Well how would I be able to be in Windows and use ssh-x to foreword a program from openSUSE sever?

On Tue, 13 Jan 2015 17:26:01 +0000, dtimmel wrote:

> Well how would I be able to be in Windows and use ssh-x to foreword a
> program from openSUSE sever?

Cygwin, putty - there are options on Windows.

VNC is an option (I know you said your network engineer doesn’t want to
use it, and I actually understand why - security; VNC is unencrypted).

You can secure VNC by tunneling it through SSH. I do this all the time,
and it’s a good way to handle this and it’s secure.

From a Windows system, use putty or something similar that lets you
forward ports to an SSH daemon.

Then forward, for example, TCP port 5910 to “localhost:5900”. With ssh
from the CLI, that would be:

ssh -L 5910:localhost:5900 hostname

The connect VNC to “localhost:10” rather than to the remote system.

Presto - secure VNC access to a remote system, no traffic in the clear.


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