Windows password reset tool for opensuse

every now and then, one of my customers forgets his windows user password, and asks me to reset it.
till now i used a small windows app called “Password Renew for NT” from a windows PE bootdisk, but i want to have an alternative that runs on my opensuse 11.4 box, so i can connect the windows hard drive on it and reset the password from suse.

I found and the program “chntpw” in the build service, but it seems on beta status. And most information i found of it is very outdated.
Has anyone used it?
does it work ok on all modern windows versions (xp, vista and 7)?
any other alternatives you can recomend?


Quite a few bootable Live CDs (non-openSUSE) have a Windows password reset tool. I think systemrescuecd and trinity rescue toolkit are two. You can probably get them on bootable USB sticks and not have to take out the disk drive to do the operation.

thanks for your reply.
I have a custom made bootdisk for that purpuse, made with windows PE. But i like to have an alternative as sometimes the target pc is old and doesnt have a cdrom (or it doesnt work), or it doesnt support boot from USB.
The idea is that in those cases ill connect the drive to my suse box and work from there.
I allready have all the options in windows, i can boot the target pc from a live cd (mentioned above), i can boot it by PXE from my windows box, or i can plug the drive to the other pc.
but im planning to replace windows with suse as much as possible, so i plan to implement all those methods in suse :slight_smile:

TKR gets a nod from me, I have used it numerous times lately to fix
lost passwords…

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what is the name of the application you use in TRK to recover passwords?
maybe i can get it for suse

2.2 Winpass: reset your Windows XP - Vista - Seven password
The utility is chntpw
chntpw |

ah, if i understand correctly, winpass uses chntpw under the hood to do the job. Im installing the chntpw from the build service.

thanks :slight_smile:

Friend, hope my support can help you!

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