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hello, i have a question last week, i can accwess my drive c: which is ntfs and conatins windows vista and is mounted on linux at /windows/c. but now, when acees the drive, it shows no files.

thanks. how to remount this again?

Is there an entry in the /etc/fstab file for /windows/C ?

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Perhaps it’s not actually mounted. You can check that by executing this command in a console: df -Th
If there is a mounted ntfs drive, the entry for it in response to the command ‘df -Th’ will look something like this:

/dev/sdb1  fuseblk     11G  5.3G  4.8G  53% /windows/C

So report what you see back here along with the info for malcolmlewis, plus of course what is that entry in fstab, or if you can’t figure that out, copy the whole file /etc/fstab back here.

Well opensuse comes with ntfs-3g you should edit the partition with ‘yast2 disk’ without formating, you will only edit the entry of the destination from ‘/windows/C’ to ‘/mnt/windows/C’, be carefully and be shure you are not formatting, you are just going to click on edit and just change the mounting point.

i like to keep the structure of Linux besides /mnt is for hd mounted staticly, yast will add a line like this in fstab:

/dev/sd@#            /mnt/windows/C         ntfs   users,guid=users,dmask=....utf8

you will edit the file and change ntfs to ntfs-3g and then type in the terminal as root the next lines:

umount -a
mount -a

And try again! It should work.

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