windows 7 windows virtual pc host opensuse 12 guest can't find virtual hard disk

windows 7 windows virtual pc doesnt seem to have the option to let you choose the “guest os” type of “linux” anymore !

so this is probably a windows bug but an opensuse education 12 guest can’t find virtual hard disk either dynamic or preallocated so it can’t install itself ?

is the only solution to use virtual box or vmware player instead ?

Windows virtual pc is typical of MS virtualization over the years… spotty support for anything but Windows guests.

Yes, Virtual Box and VMware offer free and low cost solutions supporting Linux.

KVM on Windows supposedly stopped active maintenance awhile back but should still work (of course if not actively maintained should hardly be considered a good option).

The options you see are the result of past legal and cross-tech support agreements… yes, you can get official Microsoft paid support for SUSE.